Apple Sauce

My family and I went to a local clean-eating concept restaurant and since my daughter would like to have something light, we ordered a chef-recommended bread-salad dish with apple sauce for its dressing. Boy, were we disappointed with the apple sauce! Other than the few pieces of chopped apple bits (more as garnishing than for flavour), there was nothing apple about it. Just syrup with chopped apples. So this weekend, I made my version of apple sauce and it made us vowed not to order the same dish from the restaurant, ever again! Click on to find out how to make your very own authentic apple sauce at home.


Apam Balik (Nyonya pancakes)

Apam balik is an extremely addictive snack invested by Nyonya, some claimed it's Malay. One thing we can be sure of, it is mightly delicious and your kids will love it.