Meatballs Porridge

There is nothing more satisfying than to cook a one-pot dish that meets the requirement of a balanced meal, easy to cook and delicious. My blog aims to provide all these in a single meal. Today, I am sharing a smooth porridge or congee with a mushroom, meat and carrot. You can also use he same meatball recipe for your noodles. So versatile, yet simple.


Steamed Tilapia (Lan Je style)

Ginger is a precious ingredient used in many oriental dishes. Generally, it is known to expel wind from our body to keep the yin and yang balanced. Today, I am sharing a recipe ala Lan Je steamed tilapia. FYI, Lan Je is famous in Selangor for its steamed tilapia in signature sauce.

Steamed White Pomfret

If you like white pomfret, am sure you would know there are two great ways to prepare it. Either steamed or in hot pot, although cooking in asam sauce would be a fantastic idea. Today, I am sharing a super simple way to prepare a white pomfret dish that will set you and your family on the dining table in no time.

Homemade Pork Banh Mi

Have you heard of banh mi? It is a Vietnamese sandwich that is taking over the world (my part of the world) by storm for its delicious, healthy and convenience. I have seen the banh mi queue in Singapore for those who are up for a quick on-the-go bite. Click on to get the full recipe.

Claypot Tofu with Minced Meat and Vegetables

Today, I'd like to share another dish which is my staple order at Chinese restaurants. Soft aromatic egg tofu and minced meat in light gravy is a bff combination. Although it is commonly served in claypot but this is entirely optional and one could do without the claypot.

Tropical Egg Sandwich

Fancy sandwiches cost a bomb when ordered at upscale breakfast joints or fancy cafes. Today, we are making a super simple and healthy sandwich in a matter of minutes. Click to get the full recipe!