Poached Iceberg Lettuce

Poached vegetables is one of the easiest and healthiest dish you can prepare for yourself and your family. As easy as it may seemed, but there are some tips I'd like to share to make a plate of perfect poached vegetables. These tips apply across all green leafy veggies. Click on to find out more.

Salted fish (ikan masin)

On days you feel hungry but don't want to cook, this idea may seem to come handy. Today's idea goes well with steamed rice. It's called salted fish. It may not be the healthiest option, but we can forgive ourselves to indulge once in a while.

Nam Yue Chicken

Have you tried eating fried nam yue chicken at the typical Chinese restaurant and quickly got addicted to this dish? Nam yue is the red fermented beancurd widely used in Chinese cooking. It can greatly enhances the taste of food creating the instant Chinese "umami".

Hong Kong Style Nissin Noodle

Have you ever crave for instant noodles, especially when your parents banned it from the grocery list? I do, even when I totally understand that it's not the healthiest of food. Today's idea adopts the Hong Kong twist.

Ginger dipping for steamed or poached chicken

I'm very exciting to share this special recipe inspired from my trip to an eco-leisure farm. I got addicted to the ginger dipping immediately and thought of making a jar for my consumption at home, anytime.

Oven Grilled Chicken Wings

Since this is a long weekend, I am sharing this super easy and delicious chicken wings you and your family will love. The steps involved are extremely easy but the grilling takes a bit more time than 30 minutes, but you will certainly find this worth it and would not mind making this as your staple weekend treat.