Oat with Mango

On a typical Sunday, the only thing I wish to do is to stay in bed longer to catch up on my beauty sleep. This breakfast is not only easy (almost instant), but it is also yummy and healthy.


Apam Balik (Nyonya pancakes)

Apam balik is an extremely addictive snack invested by Nyonya, some claimed it's Malay. One thing we can be sure of, it is mightly delicious and your kids will love it.

Cheesy Soft Roll Buns with Fruit Salad

Got this inspiration from a nice restaurant nearby that promotes healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. It takes minutes to prepare, perfect breakfast or even snacks on lazy Sundays.

Hong Kong Style Nissin Noodle

Have you ever crave for instant noodles, especially when your parents banned it from the grocery list? I do, even when I totally understand that it's not the healthiest of food. Today's idea adopts the Hong Kong twist.

Tropical Egg Sandwich

Fancy sandwiches cost a bomb when ordered at upscale breakfast joints or fancy cafes. Today, we are making a super simple and healthy sandwich in a matter of minutes. Click to get the full recipe!