Steamed Prawns with Minced Garlic

Inspired by a mighty delicious but pricey dish at Putien, I attempted to remake the same dish at home at a fraction of the price and yes, just as tasty. This steamed dish is very delicious and takes only 5 minutes to cook. But preparation may be a pain, yup, cleaning the prawns. Let's get started.


Bangkok Food

The Thais are famous for their welcoming smiles and mouth-watering food. Speak of street food, not many countries in the world can offer this much of variety in a single spot. Yes, referring to Bangkok. It was just a short business trip of 4 days, but I am missing authentic Thai food already. This trip, I had the chance of dining on the streets, food courts and the famous restaurant at the shopping malls. Although Tom Yum is a Thai staple, I deliberately avoid it this trip to give way to other Thai specialty. Click on to see my 'report'!

Seaweed Jelly in Gula Melaka Flavour (agar-agar)

Of all the desserts in the world, the easiest to make and children-friendly, it has to be agar-agar or seaweed jelly. You need only 3 basic ingredients to make a basic agar-agar dessert i.e. seaweed jelly, sugar and water. It is also really easy to screw up something easy if we do not pay attention is to the proportion of ingredients used. Click on for the important tip!

Longevity Buns

I attended a wonderful birthday dinner of one of my elderly aunts. The meal was good and the ambiance was just perfect. Every dish served has a good symbolic meaning and one course caught my attention and it was the longevity steamed buns or known as paus. Paus are literally steamed buns.

Versatile Orange

Orange is a citrus fruit that is popular for its juice, sweetness and energizing fragrance. Many cosmetics giants are using orange as this fruit is also packed with vitamins, particularly Vitamin C, which is beneficial to our skin, teeth and eyes. Today, I am sharing some suggestions how you can use this versatile fruit.

What is the difference between cilantro and coriander leaves?

Recently I got myself pretty confused between coriander leaves (chinese parsley) and cilantro because both appear the same on some blogs and both are used the same way. After a few rounds of investigation, I have come to these findings and hope to help the others who are just as confused as I was.   Can … Continue reading What is the difference between cilantro and coriander leaves?