Bangkok Food

I did not record the specific location where I found these secret yummies because I actually found them by chance. Follow your instincts and open your mind (and tastebuds) for surprises when it comes to food in Bangkok, although I do not recommend ‘obviously unhygienic’ stalls on the streets. I find exploring new tasty cuisine is less stressful than follow the ‘recommended’ must-haves from the internet. Not to mention the disappointment that follows if the recommendations fall short of expectations from the all fake likes and hype created.

I certainly do not think what I tried are the best in the city but they really made me miss Bangkok and wanting to revisit the same places for the same food again.

STREET FOOD – Banglamphu

Kway Chap – Rice sheet noodle in rich pork broth, with pig innards, roasted pork, pig’s skin, boiled egg and puffy tofu. Not recommended for this who think innards are ‘dirty’.
Braised pork leg with rice. The meat from the pork leg was so tender that it almost melted in my mouth. The light sauce, hard boiled eggs and preserved vegetable are just partners in crime for rice overdose.

Sirin Restaurant – Banglamphu

Thai Crab in Coconut Curry served with Steamed Rice – This 380 Baht Combo Set came with rice, fried chicken cutlets and a small plate of fresh fruits, meant to served 1 pax. The crab meat is accompanied with some chopped leafy vegetable for a more balanced dish.

You can also easily find this crab curry dish at the food courts. It’s not unique to Banglamphu. I am a crab lover, and from where I came from, eating crabs is really a messy affair as they come fully armoured in their shell on the serving plate. In Thailand, they made it really easy to palate with shelled crab meat. Yay!

FOOD COURT – Eathai, Central Embassy

Fish Noodles in Tom Yum soup – Discovered this by chance. The noodles are made of fish, served with fishballs, fish dumplings, fish cake and fish tofu. Just fish, fish and more fish. The spicy and sour soup made this bowl of warm noodle very appetising, portion is just nice.

There are more than 300 choices at Eathai food court. One can be easily spoilt for choices walking in between the stalls here. As I did not want to eat rice for lunch so I opted for this bowl of piping hot noodle.

RESTAURANT – Phra Khom, CentralWorld

Salt and Chillies Pork Ribs – Absolutely kids friendly as it is not spicy and tender to chew on. It’s my all-time favourite Bangkok dish, best goes with steamed rice and taste buds.

Although I’d like to swear I won’t eat the same food twice in Bangkok in attempt to try as many as possible good food in Bangkok, I just put my foot in my mouth on this salt and chillies pork ribs. No, I just can’t resist the temptation of tender fragrant ribs intertwined with salt, pepper and some secret spices unknown to me.

Stir Fried Morning Glory in Soy Sauce – The most common vegetable dish in the whole of Thailand. Ordered this to balance the meal from jam packed with meat.

RESTAURANT – Nara, Helix @ Em Quartier

I also patronised Nara, the ultra popular semi fine-dining Thai cuisine restaurant at Helix Em Quartier, Sukhumvit. Actually Nara is a chained restaurant operator found in almost every shopping mall in Sukhumvit. I did not take any photo because the lighting was really poor for foodie picture-taking and the restaurant offered a beautiful view of Bangkok skyline (not found in their menu and other Nara restaurants). Who’s got the time for food pics when you have the live breathtaking Bangkok skyline view from this restaurant, right? (This calls for better phone camera or a better phone, LOL).

After trying two of its offerrings from the menu, I finally understood why people actually queued to take their seats in CentralWorld. It really lives up to its reputation. Just a word of caution, the “three chillies” level of hotness in their menu is actually eight or ten equivalent for the most of us from the rest of the world, Mexico excluded. Go ahead and order anything to your fancy, it’s an exciting experience unique to each of us.


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