Sambal hijau tumis


4 green chillies, cleaned and seeds removed

2 bird’s eye chillies (cili padi), washed 

Green chillies (big) and green cili padi (small)

2 shallots, cleaned and finely chopped

1 clove garlic, cleaned and finely chopped

3 tablespoon oil

2 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

  1. Finely chop the green chillies and cili padi. If you like a spicier sambal, keep the seeds from the cili padi like I did. Else, you need remove the seeds from the cili padi too. TIP : Do not blend the chillies into a fine paste, or the sambal will lose its body. You may use the chopper although not necessary because it’s really very easy to chop the chillies on the chopping board with a knife..
  2. On a clean and dry pan, heat the oil and saute the chopped shallots for a minute over medium heat and add in the garlic. Continue to saute until the mixture’s fragrance fill the air.
  3. Add the green chilly paste and continue to saute for another minute before adding the salt and sugar. TIP : Do not overcook the green chilly to maintain its distinctive taste.

Serving suggestions : This sambal is best served with steamed rice. You will find this sambal is used as gravy for fried fish at Malay or nasi padang restaurants.


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