Nasi Lemak Bungkus

The all-in-one pride and joy of Malaysians

Nasi lemak bungkus is the most basic version of nasi lemak in its smallest portion. Yes, smallest would mean a portion for a lady on diet, so a normal non-dieting woman would probably need 2 packs. “Nasi lemak” is Bahasa Malaysia for fat or rich rice while “bungkus” means packed. So nasi lemak bungkus literally means packed fat/rich rice.

The basic ingredients in a nasi lemak bungkus or just basic nasi lemak are :

  1. Coconut milk rice – well, coconut milk is where the lemak or ‘fat’ or ‘richness’ of the rice comes from, make sense yet?
  2. Sambal – the chilli paste every nasi lemak seller claim theirs unique. And I will show my fair share of unique-ness in my future blogpost, too
  3. Cucumber slices – the ingredient to ‘balance’ the dish (does all-in-one makes sense yet?)
  4. Fried anchovies – for the special crisp contrasting to the soft fluffy rice
  5. Roasted peanuts – extra aroma wouldn’t hurt
  6. Hard boiled egg – in a nasi lemak bungkus, usually you will find 1/4 of a hard boiled egg and what you see on my picture above of 1/2 hard boiled egg is a luxury

Wrapping all these goodies with banana leave enhances their flavour even more, making 1 pack of nasi lemak bungkus is never enough for an average Malaysian. Of course over time, sellers have innovated beyond just the nasi lemak bungkus by offering a plethora of add-ons to go with the basic nasi lemak. If you are ever overdosed on nasi lemak (not uncommon, although many would tell you a cup of piping hot teh tarik is the perfect partner in crime for nasi lemak), check out Haw Flake Drink to ease your system.

To my foreign friends, if you have a chance to visit Malaysia, don’t forget to try out at least a pack of nasi lemak bungkus that you can find from the roadside stalls (this is where I would go for mine), food courts or even mamak restaurants. Go easy on the sambal if hot and spicy ain’t your thing.


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